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Dr. Maggie Jan OD, FAAO graduated from Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University in 2013 with her Doctorate of Optometry degree. She is a graduate of Columbia University in New York City with an undergraduate Bachelors of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering. In the summer of 2010 during graduate school for Optometry, Dr. Jan completed a National Institutes of Health (NIH) T35 at UC Berkeley. As a T35 graduate-level research fellow, Dr. Jan conducted vision science research in Dr. Austin Roorda’s adaptic optics laboratory analyzing and imaging human lamina cribrosa in vivo. She graduated with honors fulfilling four years of Optometric honors in Beta Sigma Kappa.

In 2014, Maggie Jan completed her residency program at the VA Long Beach Healthcare System in Low Vision and Primary Care. Treatment of veterans included low vision, specialty contact lenses, and management of Traumatic Brain Injury. Two years ago at the AAO Meeting in Denver, Dr. Jan received the distinction of Fellowship from the American Academy of Optometry.

Involved in optometry governance and legislation, Dr. Jan served previously as a student and later as Orange County Optometry Society’s delegation to California Optometric Association House of Delegates. As a student of optometry she was actively involved serving as the SCCO Student Association Board Treasurer in 2011 and Intraprofessional Liaison in 2012. She currently serves as Orange County Optometric Society’s Secretary.

Awards & Recognition

Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry - New Fellows Class of 2014

The Dr. Rodger T. Kame Memorial Scholarship from the Asian American Optometric Society - 2013

Dr. Chen Young Leadership Award from the Southern California College of Optometry

Beta Sigma Kappa Optometric Honors Society

Campus Life Leadership Award from Columbia University, New York, NY

Publications & Posters:

"Acquired Brain Injury: Management of Symptoms Post-Cerebral Vascular Accident" [Poster, South Eastern Congress Of Optometry International SECO – March 2014]

Link: View Poster/Paper

"Time course evaluation & treatment of post-TBI brain tumor with corresponding visual field loss" [Poster, American Academy of Optometry – October 2013]

Link: View Poster/Paper


“Residency & Optometry” [Presentation, Southern California College of Optometry 17th Annual Partnerships in Optometry – March 2014]

“Low Vision in the Primary Care Setting” [Presentation, Orange County Optometric Society Pathology Symposium, Costa Mesa CA – August 2013]

“Incorporating End-User Requirements in Engineering Design” [Presentation, Guest Speaker Biomedical Engineering Design Course – February 2008]

“Wireless User Interface for Medical Sensor Networks” [Presentation, University of California Los Angeles, Annual Center for Embedded Network Sensing Research Symposium – August 2005]

Teaching Experience

Assistant Instructor – Southern California College of Optometry

Tutor – Southern California College of Optometry

Professional Memberships

Community Service & Volunteering

Western Regional Conference, Southern California College of Optometry, Volunteer | October 19, 2019

Pathology Symposium, Orange County Optometric Society, Volunteer | August 18, 2019

SCCO Career Symposium Panel, Southern California College of Optometry, Speaker | June 4, 2019

New Grad Event, California Optometric Society, Volunteer | July 29, 2018

Community Leadership Summit | May 6-7, 2017

Community Vision Screening, FYM Health Fair, Daly City, CA | April 15, 2015

School Vision Screening, Santa Ana | February 2012

School Vision Screening Community Health Optometry

Photo credit: Matt Breneman

California Optometric Association (COA) – House of Delegates

Blind Children’s Learning Center (BCLC) Santa Ana, CA “Volunteer | January - May 2013
Volunteer for a non-profit organization available to blind and partially sighted children under the age of 12. Provided visual stimulation therapy to children with visual impairment and accompanying complex learning and developmental deficits to reinforce utilization of vision and promote visual pathway development. Fundraised and walked for the BCLC at the “Destination Independence 5K Walk“.

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